Webinar: How to keep your customer service from getting flooded on Black Friday

Brace yourself: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming (and Christmas is, too). It’s that wonderful time of the year again during which your e-commerce business can increase sales and maximise revenue. But is your support team ready for the rush of customer requests?

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Learn how to reduce customer service enquiries during peak seasons by using the right automation tools

Watch our recorded webinar with The Service Corporation from 1st October, 2020

In our joint webinar, Per Ekvall (The Service Corporation) and Lars Nielsen (Solvemate) discuss how to handle increased ticket volumes during peak seasons to keep your customers happy and buying from you. No need to scale up your staff and certainly no need to keep your customers waiting (and potentially churning) when you’re using the right automation tools. Lars and Per will go over the most typical scenarios which customer service will experience in peak seasons and demonstrate how to solve them.

How to handle increased ticket volumes
Why user channeling is key
How to boost your CSAT with automation