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7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Chatbot Provider

The chatbot industry is still full of confusion. These 7 questions will support you in your search for the right vendor.
Chatbot confusion
With new vendors popping up on a (seemingly) daily basis, choosing the right vendor for your digital virtual agent can be a daunting challenge. Before starting to research vendors, it's useful to answer some internal questions first:
Chatbots are like teenage sex: While everyone is talking about it, nobody is doing it well. In other words, chatbots carry a great promise that they’re yet to fulfil. 
Asking the right questions

Having launched virtual agents for customer service with clients across the world and across industries, we've learnt a few things about what it takes to successfully launch a brand new virtual agent.

Because many prospects have not yet defined what they're looking for, we often end up saying stuff like "you're looking for a small bot for lead qualification, check out Drift", or "it sounds like voice will be your primary channel, take a look at CallDesk".

In order to prepare you for these conversations, and avoid being fooled into buying the wrong software, we've prepared a list of seven questions that you should ask vendors, if it isn't clear from their marketing.

 Towards a Chatbot Taxonomy

Seven questions to ask when selecting a chatbot vendor.


Knowing this about your prospective vendors, allows you to take a more educated decision and align with a vendor that is focusing on the use-cases you're looking for.

These questions were borrowed from our CEOs Medium post "Towards a chatbot taxonomy". Head over there for more details.

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