Get your Zen: Solvemate is now on Zendesk Marketplace

 Bring back the Zen to your business with Solvemate! If you are a Zendesk Inc. customer, today you’re in luck: we’ve just released our app on Zendesk Marketplace. Now you can easily integrate Solvemate to your customer service funnel via the leading CRM software. 

Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships, and empowers organisations to improve customer engagement and better understand their customers. Matching this with Solvemate's fastest and highest resolution rates in the industry, Zendesk users can now automate up to 80% of their customer service requests. 

 The partnership allows Zendesk users to offer their customers better and faster customer service, while saving costs. The integration reduces the number of repetitive requests (f.ex related to shipping, billing or product) and improves first contact resolution.

So what can the integration do for you? 
  • Automates ticket handover to your Zendesk help desk

  • Reduces global ticket count, as the virtual agent handles & resolves all the repetitive requests

  • Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty: the virtual agent solves your customer’s problems in less than 18 seconds - not 18 minutes

  • Improves your bottom line: your team has time to focus on up-sell, building relationships & improving customer loyalty

  • Improves morale: with less menial, repetitive tasks, your team is augmented and can excel at the real customer service

Like the sound of that? Here’s how it works:
  • If the problem cannot be solved by the virtual agent, Solvemate automatically creates a ticket in Zendesk

  • Solvemate transfers a chat transcript, with all the questions and answers provided by the end-customer and the virtual agent

  • If the customer is already in your Zendesk database, the ticket is assigned to that contact. If not, Solvemate creates a new contact in your Zendesk contacts

With 81% of consumers having higher expectations for digital customer service than the year before, customer service is becoming the big differentiator between brands and products. There is no  better time to start investing in it.

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