Solvemate launches on Freshworks Marketplace

If you are a Freshdesk customer in dire need of automating repetitive customer service requests - look no further. 

Solvemate has partnered with Freshworks by launching the Solvemate-app in the Freshworks Marketplace,  a world leading app store for B2B software solutions.

The new integration resolves a common pain point of Freshdesk users - by reducing redundant ticket count and improving first contact response. Now, you can easily connect Solvemate to your existing Freshdesk CRM stack, allowing for better customer service, improved customer experience - and saved costs.

"Automation is in the vanguard of customer service” says Anand Venkatraman, VP of Partnerships at Freshworks. “By automating incoming requests, our joint customers can spend more time on what really matters: fostering a better customer experience that leads to longer lasting relationships.”
Not yet familiar with Solvemate? Solvemate is a SaaS platform for customer service automation, with fastest and highest resolution rates in the industry.

Freshworks is a global leader in customer engagement software, helping businesses engage with their users at every point of customer interaction. Now with the Solvemate App, Freshdesk users can automate a high volume of their customer service requests, ensuring a smooth handover from your Solvemate virtual agent to your system through the API integration. 

To Freshdesk customers, Solvemate's API integration offers:
  • An automatic ticket handover directly to your Freshdesk helpdesk - no human agents involved at any stage

  • The virtual agent handles & resolves all the repetitive requests - less tickets on your team's place

  • Increased customer satisfaction - provide answers in less than 18 seconds instead of "1-5 business days"

  • Less workload for your service agents - your team works only on important, complex cases requiring a human

Sounds promising? Here's how the integration works:
  • Solvemate automatically creates a ticket in Freshdesk, if the request cannot be solved by the virtual agent (f.ex. customer wants to speak to a human)

  • Freshdesk's contact fields get updated when your customer interacts with Solvemate’s virtual agent. And you can easily map fields during setup!

  • Along with the ticket, Solvemate's Freshworks API integration transfers a dialogue transcript, with all the questions and answers provided by the end-customer and the virtual agent.  

Basically, the Solvemate app acts like a funnel - letting through only the hard cases requiring human assistance.Now you can integrate your Freshdesk CRM with Solvemate's virtual agents. They're like chatbots, but way better.  What's not to love? 


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