Webinar Customer service trends: How to skyrocket CX in 2021

Heading quickly towards the new year, we take a look into what it takes to make customer service a truly differential factor for both your business and, first and foremost, your customers. The customer service sphere is ever-evolving. It can be a challenge taking the different generations into account and catering to their specific needs. But it is now more important than ever: A stunning 81% of Millennials and Gen Zers say they already left a brand because of a poor customer care experience. Do you want to risk that?

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Learn how to deliver the best of customer service in 2021 and beyond

Watch our recorded webinar with RingCentral from 8th December, 2020

In our joint webinar, Julien (Senior Director of Marketing, RingCentral) and Christian (Chief Customer Officer, Solvemate) discuss which strategies and tools will help you build a rock-solid customer service to meet your customers’ expectations of today and tomorrow.

Tune in to find out more about the crucial value which providing a personalised service experience brings to your business. Furthermore, we will explain how you will benefit from further tapping into customer service automation to enhance your CX, promote self-service and boost your agent’s productivity.

Speakers’ bios:

Christian Blomberg is Chief Customer Officer (CCO) and co-founder of Solvemate. Christian has spent the last decade in the SaaS industry across Copenhagen, San Francisco and Berlin. Previous to his work at Solvemate, he was responsible for partnerships, sales and international growth in various leadership roles at Contentful and Podio.

Julien Rio has more than 10 years’ international experience in Marketing & Communication positions across multiple industries in both B2B & B2C. As Senior Director of Marketing at RingCentral, Julien strives for empowering businesses to collaborate from anywhere and better serve customers. Keynote speaker, author and blogger, Julien regularly writes about customer experience, unified communications and marketing topics.

Build real relationships with your customers while using the power of automation
Create a holistic approach to serve your customers the right way on the right channel
Boost your CSAT to the next level by knowing exactly what your customers want