The Advanced Guide to Customer Service Chatbots

The Definitive Manual to Set Your Support up for Success


In today’s customer (service) world prevails an invisible chasm of expectations. Still.

Bain & Company's famous delivery gap, recorded in 2005, is still far from being closed and exists across all industries to different extents. Understanding customer expectations and which negative impact it has not meeting them makes it clear that brands (now more than ever) have to work towards closing that gap.


It’s about creating a space with the right balance between using automation to answer questions and employing human support to make your customer experience a frustration-free zone, delivering what customers today have come to expect: personalized, accurate and speedy service.

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Chatbots cater to your customers' service needs at every stage of their journey.

In this guide you’ll learn about the benefits of automating your customer service and how to set up your chatbot for success. We share best practices and industry insights by focussing on different areas:


Improving the Customer Experience

Offer speed, convenience, knowledge and friendliness as well as personalized support to make your customers happy.

boost Efficiency

Boosting Efficiency

To be efficient, chatbots must give more than answers - they need to perform actions to serve as your service department’s first line of defense.

Increase effectiveness

Increasing Effectiveness

Effectiveness is the supreme discipline in the automation game and chatbots are the key to it.

Create the right balance between automation and human support.

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