This year, due to the Corona pandemic, more shoppers will be ordering their Christmas gifts online. This will have an impact on the customer service provided by retailers, who will inevitably have to answer more inquiries this year as a result. Rather than wait endlessly on hold via telephone, many consumers typically contact customer services by email in the first instance.

We were interested to find out how long it would typically take to receive a response from brands receiving these email requests during Black Friday week. We asked ten of the largest consumer electronics online retailers in Germany the same question and measured the time it takes to get an answer.

Table 1: Evaluation of the support test by email

EN_Table_Scoring (1)

Source: Own evaluation

In addition, we evaluated the ratings of the individual online stores on the Trustpilot platform.

Table 2: Evaluation of the support test by email

EN_Table_Waiting times (1)

Source: representation. Data as of: 30.11.2020

Five stars corresponds to the best rating, one star corresponds to the worst rating.

The question asked was identical for all requests and related to how long the item can be returned from a certain order date. In addition, the inquiries were sent to all stores within a few minutes.

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