How to Create a Customer Service Funnel

Building a state-of-the-art customer service strategy with automation and human touch

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Guide your customers towards a great service experience

Do you want to improve your service experience strategically? Our framework helps you build a strong service funnel supporting your customers at every step of their journey. Download the guide to gain valuable industry insights. Learn how to make service funnel a clear strategy that determines how different types of customer contacts are handled.

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Key Takeaways


When you make customer service part of your business strategy, you can turn your service experience into a major selling point that will differentiate you from the competition.


An excellent service experience will not only solve your customers’ problems faster—it can also increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn, increase customer loyalty and sales.


All channels are not created equal: If applied wrong, omnichannel service tends to lower efficiency and increase contact volumes. Take back control with a service funnel strategy.

Take control of your service experience

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