Modern CX Service - Automation to Agent

A Solvemate + Zendesk Guide

Today’s customers expect a modern customer service experience.

On average, the Solvemate chatbot solves requests in less than 24 seconds across any device or support channel. If a human touch is needed, customers can be seamlessly routed from the chatbot to an agent with all the relevant information they need. With repetitive, easy to answer requests deflected, your customer service agents can focus on complex tasks requiring creativity, empathy and care.

Solvemate and Zendesk are a winning combination to create a great customer service experience.

Download this guide to learn:

  • 6 top tips for getting the most out of a Solvemate and Zendesk integration
  • How easy the integration is to set up and how it works
  • What sets the Solvemate chatbot apart from the others

Leading brands rely on Solvemate

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