Berlin, 23rd November 2021 – Conversational AI for Customer Service leader Solvemate today announces the availability of improved accessibility for its customer service automation platform. Solvemate accessibility helps customer service teams extend the use of self-service automation to those with impairments so all customers can find instant answers.

Improving the Customer Service Experience for Everyone

According to the World Health Organization, over 1 billion people live with some form of disability. Inclusion is an imperative that should be built into every company’s service strategy. Accessibility is also an important aspect of the customer service experience to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Modern customer service chatbots using Artificial Intelligence (AI) already offer enhanced digital accessibility and usability. Conversational AI chatbots extract insights and patterns from behavioural data to help identify and propose the most logical answers to end users looking for solutions so customers can solve their problem in the fewest number of interactions. Modern chatbots offer the right knowledge at the right time in a condensed manner which helps people with cognitive disabilities in a way that an extensive FAQ page can not.

Solvemate’s customer service automation platform is now even more accessible to people with sight, hearing, visual and mobility impairments. Solvemate’s accessibility solution meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and is version 2.2 compliant.

Solvemate’s enhanced accessibility features include:

  • For those with cognitive impairments:
  • For those with hearing impairments:
    • Solvemate’s chatbot includes text and image conversation descriptions to read along as well as a text-based handover such as live chat or email to an agent if required
  • For those with mobility impairments:
    • Solvemate's Conversational IVR (voice) allows intuitive access to customers service via phone
  • For those with visual impairments:
    • Solvemate widget can be fully navigated with screen readers 

No Additional Work for Customer Service Teams

Solvemate’s accessibility feature works out of the box and means no extra effort for the  service team setting up the chatbot. Customer service departments can instantly extend their service offering to more customers with personalized, self-service automation with the option to hand over to an agent if necessary at any point in the conversation.

Jürgen Vogel, co-founder and CTO of Solvemate, comments: “Providing accessibility for those that need additional support is an imperative for all customer service teams. We see this across all sectors, particularly banking and public institutions that need to make services equitably available to all users.”

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