Trust Matters: Scale up with Chatbots to get Closer to Your Customers in Financial Services

As a modern company, Holvi embrace a modern approach to their customer service, seeing automation and self-service as critical to their ability to scale. Always looking for ways to maximize their operational efficiency, the customer service department turned to customer service automation and a chatbot to help them deflect common, repetitive questions so their agents could focus on the more complex cases that required a human touch.

Building trust while implementing self-service automation in the financial services industry is a challenge, but was one that Holvi knew they had to conquer for their business to grow successfully.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to extend your hard-won customer trust while scaling with self-service automation
  • Importance of teaching customers how to self-serve 
  • Creating a seamless automation to agent journey with Solvemate and Zendesk
  • How to maintain and improve your CSAT score while automating

Jessika Franck

VP Customer Experience


Kelly Davey

Senior Account Executive

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