Lessons Learned for Customer Service Success from the 2021 Holiday Peak Season

The holiday season you and your team worked so hard to prepare for last year is now done and dusted. Did customers wait longer than you wanted for help? Did you lose customers? Is your team still working through the ticket backlog?

It’s time to take stock of what worked and didn’t work to start preparing for Black Friday 2022! Join our panel of eCommerce customer service industry leaders from bands such as the UK's Chilly's to learn how they created a calm and well orchestrated experience and what they’ll be thinking about when building their 2022 plans.

In this panel session will cover questions such as: 

  • How did customer service during 2021’s peak season go? 
  • What disasters happened?
  • What went surprisingly well?
  • What was the agent’s experience?
  • How automation played a role?

Ellis Rickard

Customer Experience Manager


Simon Thomsen

Head of Customer Success

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