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How Repetitive Questions Kill Good Customer Service

Learn how to create better customer relationships through better integrations

Feeling overwhelmed by the cluttered up inbox of trivial and repetitive customer requests? Spending your and your team’s valuable time and energy on those questions and tasks is actually the death sentence of good customer service.
Wouldn’t you like to invest your efforts in a better, more meaningful way and create a great service experience for all of your customers?
Finding the right integrations to automate your customer service will make or break you in the long run when you build better customer relationships.
Watch this recorded webinar to learn:
  • How to create frictionless handovers between different channels through the right integrations
  • How to best combine your CRM software with a chatbot and a human agent to deliver a great service experience
  • How streamlined processes make for better customer service quality

Simon Blouner

Zendesk Solution Architect


Lars Nielsen

Senior Account Executive

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