musicMagpie Case Study: The Chatbot Tipping Point - When you know it's time to automate

28th January 2021


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28th January 2021

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When does customer service automation become a necessary and not a 'nice to have'?

The promise of chatbots for customer service has been hyped for many years. A steady presence on the Gartner hype cycle that saw them peak in 2020, 2021 will see chatbots move into the ‘slope of enlightenment’ where adoption is industry standard. Chatbots for customer service are now the new normal! Has your business made the leap, been burned by a bad experience or just not realised the promised return?

View this presentation to learn from industry leader musicMagpie:


When to make the leap into customer service automation


5 top tips for creating a state-of-the-art customer service strategy from automation to human touch


What ‘good’ really looks like with automated customer service and if AI really makes a difference



Jonathan Beirne

Head of Customer

Jonathan Beirne has more than 15 years experience leading Customer Service and Customer Experience teams. As Group Head of Customer at musicMagpie he strives to deliver a differentiated customer experience in a highly competitive industry. He’s always on the lookout for new ways to make his customers raving fans.


Kelly Davey

Senior Account Executive

Kelly is extremely passionate about customer service and improving customers experiences. When she’s not helping companies improve in those fields, she’s out exploring wine bars, restaurants, or a new city. Originally from North Carolina, she really misses the beach, but loves being close to Spain where you can sometimes find her.

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