Berlin, 10th November 2020 – Customer service experience automation leader Solvemate today announces its integration to Zendesk’s Sunshine Conversations platform. As one of the very first messaging bot partners, brands using the integration will benefit from automating repetitive requests across all social messaging channels which are unified in a single application while their customers get instant answers 24/7.

Meeting the customer demands of today and tomorrow

The way people communicate in everyday life has changed and directly impacts how customers expect to engage with brands. Companies have to be present where their customers are: on their favourite channels across social, web, and mobile messaging. Keeping on top of the growing number of digital channels and managing all incoming messages can be a challenge for many businesses. To meet their customers’ expectations, businesses need to provide service that never sleeps.

Zendesk’s platform helps customers unify messages across the world’s most popular social messaging channels and build engaging digital customer experiences. Solvemate’s integration taps right into this. Its chatbot solution can be deployed across dozens of channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and more. This allows businesses to offer instant omnichannel support for their customers which relieves their service department from the incoming flood of messages. Solvemate’s integration caters to the digital impatience of customers and their expectation of being able to solve problems on their own. Together with Sunshine Conversations, responsiveness and self-service are achieved.

Jürgen Vogel, co-founder and CTO of Solvemate, comments on the new integration:
“Sunshine Conversations is a really exciting new way of providing a holistic service experience, both for customers and agents. Being one of the first partners to add a self-service layer to it really highlights the importance of offering customers immediate and easy solutions through automation.”

Pascal Pettinicchio, Senior Director of Go-To-Market Strategy and Operations at Zendesk, adds to this partnership:
“We are excited to bring the worlds of messaging and automation together with our trusted partners. With Solvemate and Zendesk, businesses can now solve customer support requests 24/7 which is more critical than ever in today’s instant economy.”

Solvemate is a leading customer service automation platform for an improved service experience. Its chatbot enables self-service support with near instantaneous solutions. The chatbot learns more quickly, integrates more easily, and resolves requests more reliably than any other bot on the market - around-the-clock. Companies benefit from lower costs, faster responses, and happier service teams and customers.


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