Webinar: Leading customer service through change

These days, business as usual seems like a thing of the past, particularly in customer service: customer requests are peaking, tickets are spiking and messaging channels like WhatsApp are used at blazing speed while the market is volatile and filled with uncertainty. Frustrating experiences for both customers and service agents are the results. Leading through these difficult times is a challenge which many customer service leaders face at the moment.
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Learn how to rethink processes, adapt and evolve

In our joint webinar, Andreas Mahl (Zendesk) and Christian Blomberg (Solvemate) discuss current CX trends and in which direction leaders need to drive their customer service based on these industry insights. Moreover, they cover how times of crisis can be an opportunity to rethink processes, adapt and evolve to emerge even stronger afterwards.

Strengthen your customer service sustainably
Integrations can help to keep operations running smoothly
Lead in times of uncertainty and make the right investments