The Birth of Parky: Why JustPark customers fell in love with Solvemate’s chatbot

Parky was born on 01.11.2019 and is one of JustPark’s most valuable support agents according to their CEO. So who is this guy and how is this even possible? Let us introduce you to JustPark’s favourite ticket-deflecting buddy: a chatbot made by Solvemate.

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Having a growing business comes with challenges

As a leading UK parking company connecting parking owners and drivers, JustPark needed to find a solution which provides instant answers 24/7, helps to keep their support team motivated and scales the business while sustaining their high CSAT score. This is when they made the decision to integrate Solvemate’s chatbot into their website.

In their masterclass at CX1, Lucille Guder (Head of Customer Success at Solvemate) and Gabor Geynes (Head of Customer Support at JustPark) discuss how the integration of a chatbot changed their customer service for the better.

Lucille Guder, Head of Customer Success, Solvemate
Lucille is the Head of Customer Success at Solvemate. Her mission is to make our customers happy and successful with their chatbots. A true Parisian, she loves wine, cheese and croissants, as well as extravagant hairstyles. Lucille enjoys looking after the team by organising social events, as well as traveling around the world as part of her role.

Gabor Gyenes, Head of Customer Support, JustPark
Gabor works as Head of Customer Support at JustPark with focus on the customer experience. Prior to his career in the world of parking, he was working in hospitality management and in the world of virtual reality gaming, specifically setting up VR arcades in pubs. Gabor was born in Hungary, but grew up in Canada and is a big fan of the startup world, yoga and travel.

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