Webinar: Key factors for a successful customer service automation launch

Chat is one of the predominant channels used by businesses across the world to improve customer engagement. In the last year or two, chatbots have proven to be a much better alternative to live chat in terms of response time, cost effectiveness, availability, scalability, and customer satisfaction.

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What you will learn

Chatbots and human agents are not mutually exclusive and it is in the best interest of any business to leverage the synergy between the two to deliver a great service experience. Watch our recorded webinar with Freshworks from 7th May, 2020, to hear first-hand from experts all there is to know about launching a chatbot to augment your customer service operations.

How to make chatbots the front line of your customer support
Reduce ticket volume by establishing a seamless integration between your chatbot and helpdesk application
Reframe live agent KPIs to ensure a seamless service experience and instant ticket resolution