How to Create
Meaningful Conversations with Customer Service Automation

20th May 2021

16:00 BST / 17:00 CET

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20th May 202116:00 BST / 17:00 CET

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Why Meaningful Conversations Matter and How to Create them

In today’s digital world, customer expectations are sky high. Customers expect answers immediately, any time of the day or night. Understanding and meeting these customer expectations is tough and the role of the customer service department is really challenging.

On the one hand, companies and customer service teams want to offer amazing, quality customer service and make every customer happy. On the other hand, technology has enabled consumers to reach out through more and more channels. Customer service teams are often overwhelmed with repetitive questions, they struggle to find the valuable time their customers deserve. Without a way to filter requests it’s also hard to know which questions are easy to answer and which ones will require more work.

We call this the customer service dilemma.

Chatbots are the perfect tool for today’s instant economy, offering an already familiar conversational interface to the user. Yet, despite the fact that they’ve been hyped for years, they haven’t delivered on their promise.

Feature Benefits Include


What it means to create meaningful conversations with your customers through chatbots

It’s more than you think!

How not all technologies are created equal

What the challenges and opportunities for each type of chatbot technology can mean for companies


Real customer examples of conversations that matter, for both customers and service agents

That drive real business results



Erik Pfannmöller

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Erik Pfannmöller is the CEO and one of the founding members of Solvemate. Erik is a serial entrepreneur with a deep passion for AI and Software.  Erik started out as a professional sportsman in white water canoe slalom. His sports endeavours culminated in becoming World Champion in 2007.   Finally, Erik is obsessed with company culture and a strong believer in the Golden Rule. Learn more about Erik by visiting his website.


Sylvia Jensen

Chief Marketing Officer

Sylvia Jensen is CMO at Solvemate. Sylvia is responsible for creating the marketing strategy and leading the team to accelerate Solvemate’s growth in key markets using data-driven insights. She thoroughly enjoys the art and science that technology plays in helping marketers develop, deliver and manage amazing digital customer experiences every day.

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